What are the differences of an IPS LCD and a 101 LCD?

We have recently come out with a newer Game Boy Advance modified console. This console uses an IPS LCD instead of the traditional 101 LCD, which you'll find in most 'brighter-modified' consoles. They are both very similar and if you're going for an overall brighter screen on your GBA they are both good options. But they do have some differences. 

A IPS (in-plane switching) LCD is a special type of LCD most commonly used in current mid-high end smart phones. Its biggest pros are that it allows you to view the screen in any kind of angle. (**Though in my personal opinion this aspect is more useful in a bigger smartphone than a GBA, because of the design the only comfortable position to play in is looking at it straight on**)

Another big pro for the IPS is the color saturation. The IPS has more vibrant colors which can make images pop out more and appear brighter. This though can cause the images to be less sharper. Which comes to one of the bigger cons of the IPS LCD as well as the brighter screen using more battery life. We recommend with the GBA IPS to look into purchasing rechargeable AA batteries.


The screen is not as sharp as the AGS 101. The AGS 101 has more overall detail and has less lag than the IPS. Though the colors are slightly more muted it still provides better performance with gaming. 

The overall installation is much easier also with a AGS 101 LCD and comes with more customization options with the lens, the IPS kit only includes a black glass lens.

Installation of the IPS is much more intricate require more soldering and shell trimming, while the screen itself is very delicate and prone to damage compared to the 101 LCD. 

If you're looking to have a good looking screen in terms of color saturation, will be playing more casual games, and don't mind doing extra work and save some money, then the IPS Mod is probably a better deal.

If you are going to be playing more intensive games with sharper details and want a smoother set-up then the AGS-101 Mod is the better option. 

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