Difference between 32 pin & 40 pin

Difference between 32 pin & 40 pin

If you are looking to do a backlit mod to your Game Boy Advance you will need to find out which ribbon works best for you.

The ribbon is required to get a AGS 101 LCD to work with your GBA motherboard.

We offer a few different types, 32 pin and 40 pin, from those we offer Type A and B, and also ribbons with brightness switches.

To figure out which type of ribbon you'll need you will have to open up the battery cover and look at the number above the battery compartment.

If the number starts with a 1 you will require a 32 pin.

If the number starts with a 0 you will require a 40 pin.

The difference between the Types A and B is mostly quality/simplicity.

Type A cables we offer at a lower price but most of the time there is some ghosting on the screen when installed. You will most likely have to install a separate cable to fix it but sometimes it is not 100% guaranteed that you won't have any problems. These are better for people with more advanced soldering and modding experience and want to have a budget option.

Type B cables are always a better option and keep soldering to a minimum. They are less likely to cause any issues with the image but are a bit more expensive. We usually recommend these for most projects and if you are doing this for your personal system. 

Brightness Switch Ribbons usually have no issues with the image and have very minimal soldering needed. They usually will rest behind in the battery compartment and require minimal shell modifications as well. 

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