Glass or Plastic Lens?

Glass or Plastic Lens?

We have a lot of choices for lenses to customize your console to your exact taste. We offer both glass and plastic lenses for all of our consoles. One question we get asked a lot is which is better?

**Please note that we are talking about the outer lens of the screen. This protects the screen from scratches, dust, fingerprints, or anything else that can cause permanent damage to the screen. This is not the LCD screen itself.**

Plastic Lens:

If you have purchased any of our DIY shell replacement kits you can see we automatically include a plastic lens with each kit.

A plastic lens is very versatile and is better for younger console players. It is tougher and withstands everyday use especially if you plan to have your console be more on the go and you just want to put it in your bag and go. We also offer more choices for the plastic lens such as ones with Pokemon, Mario, or other decals. 

Some downsides with the plastic lens are that they tend to get scratched very easily and if there are a lot of scratches it can interfere with gameplay. It also is not the best looking when compared to glass. 

Glass Lens:

We automatically install a glass lens when making a customized console.

A glass lens is the best option for at home players and older players. A glass lens can take some wear and tear and it is much harder to scratch a glass lens then a plastic one. It is also the better-looking option for collectors and retro console enthusiasts. Glass lens are also the one you will mostly see in our social media posts and what we would personally recommend to most adult users. 

Though there are some downsides. A harsh drop can cause the lens to crack. It is not recommended if the main user of the console is a younger child.